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Concert in Köln/Cologne

29 avril 2017 — 21 h 00 min

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  • Sounds of Saturn (Sat 2003 LF)
  • Chair du bagne (Flesh of the penal colony, Extract)



Sounds of Saturn (Sat 2003 LF)

Eric Cordier has own a new residency at Observatoire de l’Espace du CNES (The french national space agency) since early 2016 to work with the scientist Philippe Zarka astrophysician, specialist of the magnetosphere of the planets. Philippe Zarka turn in images and sounds some scientific files catch by the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft : some low-frequency radio transmissions produced by electrons in movement in the magnetosphere of Saturn. They propagate far off and are detected here in more than an astronomical unity of distance (approximately 150 million of km) during the phase of approach to Cassini spacecraft. The trouble with such radio-astronomic files is that the ratio signal/noise is very bad, and my works has more consisted to do an extreme-deep mastering more than a composition. I have kept the organisation given by Saturn’s electron.

This file is musically fantastic, it is both very psychedelic and at the same time it remind us the contemporary spectral musics of Scelsi or Eloy, something at the same time perpetually changeable and globally motionless.


Chair du bagne / Flesh of the penal colony

In October and November, 2014, I spent two months dumped in the Penal colony, or more exactly, in the Camp of the Transportation of Saint Laurent of Maroni, to record the penal colony in the penal colony, to compose on the spot and to read unpublished testimonies on the subject.

I have also used the only recording of the prisoners, some jail songs, to let us heard the breaths and the voices of that mens condemned to die in the green hell.



with : G*Park/Marc Zeier


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29 avril 2017
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21 h 00 min
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